Clothesline Installation Service

Professional installation of your clothesline is of course optional, but a First Rate Clothesline installation guarantees you get the best clothesline installation available in Geelong.

First Rate Clotheslines are reknown for quality and as Hills authorised clothesline specialists, we offer our expert clothesline installation services along with our clothesline sales. We also offer professional installation services for any clothesline bought elsewhere.

Purchase and Installation

First Rate Clothesline’s products are unrivaled and already covered by excellent warranties. For the ultimate peace-of-mind, guaranteeing smooth installation, get us to install it for you.

Our work is 100% guaranteed, ensuring the optimum precision and care of your clothesline installation. With prompt, professional and friendly service, we aim to have your new clothesline installed within 3 to 5 days from the date of your order.
Customer service is very important to us, and our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with both your clothesline and clothesline installation. All purchase and installations of our Hills clotheslines come with free delivery. Options and accessories are also available.

Installation Only 

We also offer installation of any other clothesline, whether bought from us or not. Our work is guaranteed even if your clothesline was purchased from another supplier. With extremely competitive rates, we provide First Rate clothesline installations, at a very reasonable price.

Our clothesline installation services secure the maximum longevity and smooth operation of your clothesline. With the least disruption, we ensure the correct positioning, proper tensioning and safe location of your clothesline, suited to your needs and requirements.

With years of knowledge and expertise, First Rate Clotheslines enable you to get the most out of your clothesline. With free advice on the best maintenance and care of your clothesline, we are a one-stop shop, with a large range of spares as well as the ability to repair, rewire and customise your clothesline.

Installation Available
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Rewires & Repairs
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Spare Parts
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