Warranties & Guarantees

First Rate Clotheslines

With a 10 Year Warranty on all our Hills Rotary Hoists, Fixed Head Hills Hoist, Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines and Hills Retracting Clotheslines, First Rate Clotheslines products are not only ergonomically designed, structurally reliable and competitively priced, but are quality assured.


As authorised Hills clotheslines sales and installation specialists, we offer professional installation services as optional with the purchase of your new clothesline from us, and also offer installation services for clotheslines bought elsewhere. Either way, our clothesline installation work is guaranteed.

Repairs, Rewires and Spares

Likewise, as a Hills authorised warranty repairer, our clothesline repair services are also completely guaranteed, along with all spare parts we sell or use in repairs or rewires. We also provide 12 Months Warranty on all galvanised wire line and poly coated filament core lines used in our rewiring services for Hills Hoists, Austral and Daytek clotheslines.

Our products and services are genuine and backed up by authentic warranties and guarantees, we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The Hills Warranty 

The following is a summary of the warranties carried on our Hills products. For the full version Hills Warranty statement, please refer to their website or contact First Rate Clotheslines for full details.

Product Warranty Period
Premium Range Rotary Hoists 10 years
Premium Range Folding Frame Clotheslines 10 years
Premium Range Folding Frame Posts Kits 10 years
Premium Range Retracting Clotheslines (excluding polycore line)  10 years
Free-Standing Range Portable Clotheslines (excluding polycore line) 3 years
Everyday Range Rotary Hoists (excluding polycore line) 10 years
Everyday Range Folding Frame Clotheslines (excluding polycore line) 10 years
Everyday Range Retracting Clotheslines (excluding polycore line) 10 years
Heritage Range Fixed Head Hoists 10 years
Polycore line 1 year
Hills Smart Pegs 2 years

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